vettel: How F1 driver Sebastian Vettel used Find My to chase thieves and track his lost AirPods

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If you think it’s just ‘regular’ people who use the Find My app Apples To track their lost products, then you were wrong. According to a report by Apple Insider, the Formula 1 driver is Sebastian Vettel Find my application to detect it Airpods.
Vettel was in Barcelona for the Spanish Grand Prix and was in the city of Aston Martিনne the day after the race. The former F1 champion stops outside a hotel when thieves steal a backpack from his car.
The four-time F1 champion did not reach the police, the report said. Instead, he took an electric scooter and used the Find My app to track the bag as his airpods were inside. Police chased and joined Vettel but instead called him to file a complaint.
Vettel’s backpacks – in addition to the airpods – were many more personal items His passport, driving license, credit card were all inside the bag.
“Eventually, the driver was taken to a haberdashery, where he was seen leaving airpods in a vase at a store display,” the report said. The thieves clearly understood that they were being tracked so they left the airpods behind.
The thieves were not found and Vettel’s backpack was missing. However, the AirPods have been recovered, thanks to the Find My app. Find My App can be used to track Apple devices and iPhone, AirPod, Apple WatchAnd MacBook.




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