vi ads: Vodafone-Idea launches its ad-tech platform, Vi Ads

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Vodafone-Idea (Vi) has announced the launch of its own ad-tech platform, VI advertising. Claimed to be driven by Artificial Intelligence / Machine LearningThe goal of the adtech platform is to offer marketers a programmatic media buying platform.
According to VodafoneVi ads will enable marketers to engage with the operator’s 243 million subscribers through multiple channels, such as VI-owned digital media. VI appVi Movies & TV apps, and popular channels like SMS, IVR According to Call Vi, one of the main differences between Vi advertising is that it will be media agnostic.
In addition, Vi Ads will offer a self-service interface that gives marketers complete control over their campaigns, such as tracking performance from Driving Insights. Since Vi Ads aims to achieve the goal of a full funnel campaign, it seeks to reach advertisers, generate leads, or drive sales.
The Vi Ads Platform is partnered with TorcAi to integrate data and activation channels at the organizational level to help media value chain stakeholders build and nurture audience resources.




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