water purifier: LG launches UF+UV Water Purifier in India at Rs 20,299

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LG Electronics Has expanded Water purifier Portfolio with UF + UV Water Purifier Launch in India. The LG UF + UV water purifier is available at Rs 20,299.
LG Expanding free premium service once a year and with one-time replacement of external Filter And digital disinfection for UF + UV water purifier customers.
Seven-stage filtration
The new LG UF + UV water purifier is designed to filter water in seven stages, removing seven harmful heavy metals: mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, iron, chromium and copper. To solve this problem, LG UF + comes with a UV water purifier Heavy metal removal (HMR) filter. According to LG, UF + UV water purifiers can remove soluble solids present in water that are invisible to the naked eye.
Post carbon filter And other features
The purifier comes with a completely new post-carbon filter, a technology that uses electrostatic absorption to eliminate viruses from water. It also has features like virus clean + and UF filtration which are claimed to remove about 99.99% of viruses. LG claims that ultra filtration does not affect the TDS of water and ensures zero wastage of water.
Speaking about the launch, LP Electronics VP-Home Appliances and Air Conditioner Deepak Bansal added, “At LG Electronics, we are constantly monitoring consumer behavior and offering solutions that enhance their experience. In 2022, we are launching several products with advance features for better performance, style and comfort. We are confident that our customers will appreciate the latest LG UV + UF water purifier that ensures safe drinking water for their entire family. ”




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