Ways to boost your hair growth

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We all want long, long and shiny hair. And we’ve all read countless articles, blogs, and actually tried a lot of tricks to make it longer. Someone hit and missed a lot. So today we are sharing some tips that will definitely make your hair long and healthy.

Castor oil is the magic oil

There is no need to invest in so many products, you have Star Products sitting at home. Castor oil contains resinolic acid and omega-6 fatty acids and so when massaged into the scalp it helps increase blood circulation which improves hair growth. For best results, mix 1 teaspoon of castor oil with 1 teaspoon of almond oil and olive oil. Apply it thoroughly on your scalp, massage for 10-15 minutes and wash it off completely after 20 minutes. Do this once a week and your hair will grow faster.

Check what goes on your plate
It is very important to have a protein rich diet, you must eat 50 grams per day. When you start dieting or go on a protein deficient diet, your hair will fall out or become thinner. So increase the amount of lentils, eggs and meat in the diet.

Onion juice for long tresses

Many have recommended it to you and if you haven’t tried it yet, you should try it today. Sulfate in onions promotes hair growth. Don’t worry about the smell, if a little irritation can give you a long lock, why not.

Cleanse your scalp with apple cider vinegar
Our skin needs regular scrubbing so that dead skin is removed and you get fresh skin. Similarly you need to scrub your hair and maintain pH balance. Vinegar is the perfect tool for this and will enhance hair growth. You can either drink it, which is good for both your skin and hair or use it as a final wash to wash your hair. It will not only enhance hair growth but also brighten your hair. Remember not to overdo it, otherwise the hair may fall out, twice a week.

A full head massage
Did you know that a simple head massage can work wonders for hair growth? You can do this with oil or even without oil, starting from the center of your hair line, use your middle finger to circle 25 times, now move 3 finger gaps towards the center of your head, repeat 25 circles again. Move further down with 3 finger gaps again and make a circle. Finish it by massaging the back of your earlobes. It will take about 5-7 minutes. You can do this while staying in the office, watching TV or whenever it is convenient. It will increase blood circulation and give you healthy and long hair.

And most importantly, don’t stress, it’s a big cause of hair loss. Relax your mind and live a healthy life.

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