wearable: How Google may let you control its wearables with skin gestures

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Google Seems to be thinking along his decorated lines Wearable Devices with skin interfaces, according to the company’s patent application, as seen by LetsGoDigital. According to a patent filed with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) in 2020, the technology giant was interested in developing a ‘skin’. Interface For wearable ‘. The patent was approved by WIPO this month.
According to the patent, Google is looking to delay wearable devices EarbudSmart glasses and smartwatches will be controlled via a ‘skin interface’ that uses gesture control through the user’s skin.
It describes how the user should perform a swipe or tapping gesture on the part of their skin where they are wearing the device. The gesture will start a mechanical wave which will then be detected by the sensor and the accelerometer of the device and then the relevant function will be performed. It will be possible to use Sensor Fusion technology, which uses various sensors for accurate detection of waves.
Some gestures may include vertical or horizontal swipes, short and long taps, tapping with multiple fingers to issue various commands such as making or ending a phone call, controlling the volume, playing or pausing audio. Gesture technology will eliminate the need to touch your device and can work for the convenience of the user in the case of earbuds because relying on gestures alone will not disturb the fit of the device in the ear.




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