Weight loss story: How this girl lost 17 kilos with a vegetarian diet and regular walks

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Breakfast: A handful of peanuts and sugar-free tea with vegetables including chapati / parantha / dahlia / vermicelli

Lunch: Any pulses, vegetables, 1 chapati and raw cheese or besan chilla / dal chilla / green vegetables

Dinner: Yellow milk, 1 chapati, vegetables

Pre-workout meals: I ate peanuts or butter before going for a walk

Post-Workout Meals: After Eating I Eat Fried Vegetables (Bell Peppers and Cheese)

I indulge (whatever you eat on your cheating days): No cheat food for 1 month, but after a month I start eating some sugar in the form of yoga bars.

Low calorie recipe I swear: besan chilla, mug dal chilla




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