Weight loss story: “I lost 20 kilos by giving up dairy, adding salads to my diet and walking 7-10k steps daily”

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My breakfast: Based on my recommended diet, I eat only hot water in the morning with some fruits like banana and papaya. This is followed by some sprouts and juices. Basically, I don’t eat cooked food until lunch. However, on some cheating days I have dosa etc. Since I start the day I get fruit around 7am.

My lunch: rice and pulses with a dried vegetable (it can really be anything – veggie or non-veggie). However, I practice portion control and add salad to complement the meal.

My dinner: Usually it is made of dosa or chilla with some dal paste. Again, it is complemented with salads to make the dish look full. Also, I like to have dinner around 7.30 am and then give it at least two to three hours before going to bed.

Pre-workout meals: I like to walk and do yoga very early in the morning and don’t usually do some pre-workouts.

Post-workout meals: Again, I stick to some fruits and juices for the morning in harmony with my natural diet pattern.

Me (whatever you eat in your cheating days): I eat potato parathas, samosas and pizzas, burgers etc but the idea is to control the part again and make sure I exercise every day. I also occasionally eat dark chocolate.

Low-calorie recipe I swear: There has to be chills. It is low in calories, easy to digest and good for protein. It can be made by soaking three to four types of pulses like mug, lentil, arahar and chana for 4 to 5 hours. Also, ragi flour can be added with chili, ginger, grated carrot and beetroot pieces. Prepare a batter and it can be prepared directly without any fermentation. It can be eaten with some freshly made chutney.



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