What Miss India Manasa Varanasi wore for Miss World 2021 pageant

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Miss India World 2021 Mansa Varanasi India is proud to be in the top 13 list of Miss World 2021. Her final gown was spectacular and was designed by Falguni and Shane Mayur. The mermaid-esque gown flaunted her curves and the huge curls added to her glamor part.

Explaining more about the final gown, designer Falguni Mayur said, “Designing the Miss World gown over the years has been an amazing experience. Shane and I really love the process of designing the gown. We have a vision for the Miss World gown. “In addition to the crystals, we added a lot of pearls to the decoration. Manasa came from the city of pearls and we had to add that touch to it.”

From a very young age, Manasa had a variety of interests, including reading, music, yoga, and dreaming. Growing up as a girl of conserved nature, she expressed herself through Bharatanatyam and music. He spent most of his time exploring new art and mysteries, which helped him to develop a close relationship with curiosity. The same curiosity led him to be part of an NGO called Make a Difference. Being a part of an NGO, he has a strong desire to be a voice for the less fortunate and to make an impact with the help of a larger platform.

Over the past few years, Sundari has been working with children and aspiring to do more after learning the struggles that many children in our country, especially her state, Telangana are going through. Her ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project 10-9-8 has teamed up with the Hyderabad police for their campaign, ‘We Can’, which aims to prevent and stop child sexual abuse in the state. He has also met with a number of people to promote and raise awareness about the 1098, Child Helpline number.




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