What Samsung has to say on restricting performance of some apps from Google, Facebook and others

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Samsung He was accused of throttling the performance of some apps on his smartphone. South Korean company allegedly installed a system app Game optimizing service (GOS) smartphones that limit the performance of the app. In a series of posts, Twitter user aryGaryeonHan says that more than 10,000 apps are apparently being throttled by Samsung through GOS. There are apps in the list Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, FacebookTikTok, Amazon, Twitter, Chrome, Netflix, Disney + among others.
Samsung responded by issuing a statement regarding the effects of GOS on Galaxy S22 series phones. Samsung says the GOS optimizes the device’s CPU and GPU performance to prevent overheating during long games. However, it will soon release a software update within Game Launcher App to offer performance priority options in Game Booster Lab.
AryGaryeonHan shared the full text of Samsung’s statement on Twitter here:
We would like to inform you about Galaxy S22 GOS. Hello. This is Samsung Electronics. We continue to listen to our customers in order to expand our users and options and provide optimal performance. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Series GOS (Game Optimizing Service) is a built-in app that optimizes CPU and GPU performance to prevent overheating during long games. Recently, to meet the needs of different customers, we plan to implement an SW update that provides a performance priority option in Game Booster Lab within the Game Launcher app as soon as possible. We will continue to listen to consumer feedback and do our best to ensure customer satisfaction and consumer protection. Thanks.
Samsung is not the first company to face performance throttling allegations. Last year, OnePlus faced similar allegations when it was seen throttling some popular Android apps. OnePlus justified its decision by optimizing apps to better manage battery life and heating issues.




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