whatsapp feature: WhatsApp could restrict forwarding messages further, here’s how

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WhatsApp In 2019 chat was limited to forwarding messages and limited to five chats at once. The decision was made to combat the spread of fake news and rumors on the platform, the messaging service is being used to send such information in the blink of an eye. Now, the instant messaging app may consider further reducing forwarding messages to others. According to a report by WABetaInfoThe chat platform seeks to restrict the forwarding of all messages to a single group chat.
According to reports, this feature will be seen in WhatsApp beta v2.22.7.2 Android And whenever users try to forward a message to multiple WhatsApp groups, they see this text: “Forwarded messages can only be sent to a group chat.”

Source: WABetaInfo

“If you want to forward this message to multiple group chats, you need to select the message and forward it again. Note that the new restriction is effective even when the message is forwarded once, so it is different from the previous restriction, ”the report said.
When WhatsApp limited the forwarded message to five chats, it was and still is possible to send the same message to a new set of five contacts or groups. If the message is shared more than four times, WhatsApp marks it as a ‘frequent forward’. Now, Facebook-owned platforms can make it harder to spread misinformation and rumors on the platform, which may be one of the most used.




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