WhatsApp Group vs WhatsApp Broadcast: How these two of the ‘most-used’ WhatsApp features are different

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WhatsApp One of the most popular instant messaging platforms in the world. With 2 billion active users worldwide, Facebook’s proprietary platform is the default chat app for most smartphone users. However, many users are still unclear about some of the features that the platform offers. One such feature is broadcast. This allows users to send a message to multiple users at the same time. Many users often confuse this with the WhatsApp group. Although both Broadcast and Group features on WhatsApp allow users to share messages and media with multiple users at the same time, they have different purposes and work differently at the same time. Here’s how WhatsApp Broadcast And WhatsApp group Features are different.
What is a WhatsApp group
As the name suggests, a WhatsApp group is a group of users under a single umbrella. In a WhatsApp group, a message that you share is received by all members of the group in a single window. Messages sent to other users in the group also appear in the same window. The WhatsApp group is like a group of friends sitting in a room where what you say or hear can be heard by other people in the room.
What is a WhatsApp broadcast
A WhatsApp broadcast lets you send a message or media to multiple contacts at once The message you sent will appear as a separate message in the chat. A WhatsApp broadcast can be thought of as a flyer that is individually divided into a list of individuals. A broadcast message is usually shared by WhatsApp business users. It can also be used to invite or share greetings to multiple people.
What is the difference between WhatsApp Group and WhatsApp Broadcast?
Although both are used for the same purpose of sharing messages with multiple users (up to 256 users), there is a huge difference between the two features. Here are the key differences:
You can send messages through WhatsApp groups to users who are not on your contact list, but not through the broadcast list
WhatsApp group allows users to send messages to other users who are not even in your contact list, but you must be in the same group. Alternatively, you can only use one broadcast to send messages to users in your contacts list. In a WhatsApp group, users receive your message even if they block you, but not in the case of WhatsApp broadcasts.
WhatsApp group answers are read by all users in the group, not on the broadcast list
In a WhatsApp group, if someone replies to your message or a user replies to another message, all members of the group will see it. However, when someone replies to your broadcast message, you will receive the message as a separate chat.
You can make video or voice calls to people in a WhatsApp group, not the broadcast list.
WhatsApp Group gives you the ability to initiate a group call of up to 8 members. Since WhatsApp Broadcast sends messages individually, you cannot use the group call feature.
All WhatsApp group members can see other members, while you can’t on the broadcast list
If you send a message through a broadcast list, the recipient of the message will not know who else is part of the broadcast. On the other hand, members of the WhatsApp group may be aware of other members of the group who have received the message.




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