WhatsApp users may soon be able to send bigger files in chats

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For some time now, WhatsApp has had a huge limitation in sharing files. Users can’t send really large files – video or PDF – because the platform limits file sharing to 100MB. This is stated in a report of WABetainfo WhatsApp May allow users to share media files up to 2GB.

Photo credit: WABetainfo

The feature is currently being tested with beta users in Argentina, the report said. For some beta testers in Argentina, the feature is available in both Android And iOS. However, the report states that it is unclear whether WhatsApp plans to introduce this feature to the general public. “WhatsApp can undo the changes by restoring the previous range even after testing: only time will tell,” the report said. There have been cases when the feature popped up in the beta version of WhatsApp but did not actually reach the general public. Rival of WhatsApp TelegramHowever, there are features that allow users to send files up to 2GB. So it could be that WhatsApp could also turn on this feature.
Meanwhile, WhatsApp’s multi-device feature is now being rolled out to all users. The feature was previously only in beta mode The feature allows users to access the platform on multiple devices, even if the primary device has no connection. Users can link a single WhatsApp account with up to four more devices.
WhatsApp has started responding to messages for Android users with a beta update. The feature has been working for quite some time. According to the report, there are six responses available for Android users – like, profit, jump, surprise, sad and thank you. The feature is very similar to the responses found on Facebook and Instagram.



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