WhatsApp users may soon get these new filters

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WhatsApp It is said that there are plans to add new search filters that will make it easier for users to find specific chats. According to a report by WABetaInfo, the Facebook-owned platform is working to launch an advanced search filter that is currently available for business accounts in WhatsApp Beta for Android, iOS and desktop.
For those who don’t know, advanced filters make it easy to search for unread chats, contacts, non-contacts and groups. As per the screenshot shared in the report, users will be able to see a new filter button at the top of the page once the feature is available. Clicking on the button will show you options that you can use to filter chats
To see a specific chat more precisely, you’ll be able to combine filters with keyword search. The report suggests that the new filter button will always be visible even when you’re not searching for chat.
The company has not yet officially released any details about this feature but hopefully we will be able to try it with the upcoming updates. Also, WhatsApp plans to expand the functionality of multi-device features, including a new companion mode.
Companion mode allows users to link their primary smartphone to a WhatsApp account on another smartphone. By switching to Companion mode, you will be logged out of your WhatsApp account on your primary device. Since the feature is currently under development, not much detail is available about how the feature differs from registering the app on another smartphone. The feature can help users migrate from Android to iOS smartphones.




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