WHO shares three most prevalent post-COVID symptoms

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Experts also talk about one of the most important and serious side effects of covid, which is related to heart health.

“Cardiovascular symptoms can present in different ways. They can present as shortness of breath. I have already described shortness of breath. They can present as heart palpitations. Your heart is beating or what we call arrhythmias and other cardiac symptoms may appear. Says.

“Now, there is a recent report that looked at patients with Covid-19, and it followed them a year later. And this report is coming out of a group in the United States, and they have increased cardiovascular risk. Acute myocardial infarction, which means heart attack or thrombosis or other causes of blood clots and death have been described ৷ so they reported an increased risk of death one year after acute covid ৷ -19, “he added, adding that heart health after covid Emphasis on what should not be ignored.

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