Why 60 plus people should get their COVID-19 booster doses; people who should consult their doctors and side effects to watch out for

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Given that certain groups, including healthcare professionals and older adults, have been receiving more than a year since receiving their previous dose of the COVID-19 vaccine – much earlier than the rest of the population – there may be times when vaccine-induced immunity is rapidly declining for them. And put them at risk again.

When it comes to people over the age of 60, many of them are at risk of serious illness. People at this age may be at risk of an underlying health condition or may have a weaker and weaker immune system, which may reduce protection from the previous two doses.

In addition, older people with pre-existing congenital diseases are at greater risk. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) said, “Older people are at higher risk of COVID-19 infection due to their immunosuppression and reduced body reserves, as well as multiple associated comorbidities such as diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease and the like. Chronic Obstructive Palsy . “

“Also, the course of the disease tends to be more severe in the elderly resulting in higher mortality rates,” it added.

That said, taking booster shots will not only help boost their immunity, but it will also protect them from serious illness and hospitalization. However, there is always the possibility of infection.




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