Why Facebook has decided to discontinue its Podcast business after nearly a year

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Facebook Podcast has decided to discontinue its support for the business as the company plans to remove audio products from its social media platform from June 3. According to a Bloomberg report, the meta-owned social media outlet will restrict users from adding podcasts to Facebook. This week. The company has also sent a note to its partners on the same subject. Facebook is about to shut down both its central audio hub and its short-form audio product Soundbite.
In April 2021, when Facebook was trending in the podcasting and audio products market, it launched multiple audio efforts for its platform. However, last month’s report suggested that the company’s interest in audio products had waned. Now, Facebook wants to frustrate some providers and focus on other initiatives.
According to the report, a Meta The spokesperson shared an email saying, “We are constantly evaluating the features we offer so that we can focus on the most meaningful experience.” However, the source could not confirm the exact date when Soundbites and Audio Hub will close but it is expected to happen “in the coming weeks”.
Facebook also noted that partners have no plans to warn users that podcasts on its notes will no longer be available on the platform. The company will let publishers decide how they want to publish that information. In the meantime, users can only choose to go live on Facebook via audio or both audio and video Live audio room Will be merged into Facebook Live.
Recently, the podcast market has been crowded because several big players wanted a share of this market. Spotify has acquired companies and even made licensed hit shows when Amazon bought the podcast network Wonder and also offered a hosting platform. In addition, other technology companies wanted to copy the product from the live audio platform. ClubhouseWhich was valued at about $ 4 billion in 2021 Facebook entered the podcast industry in 2021, however, a year later the platform and its owner will discontinue the meta service.




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