Why Nothing is not launching its first phone in the US

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None 1 smartphone can be found in the United States. There have been widespread rumors about this, and now its official – Nothing Phone (1) will not be launched in the United States. The rumors started after North America had no phone carrier in the list of supported telecom providers.
In a statement to PCMag, Nothing confirmed that the company is not launching the Nothing 1 phone in the United States. “While we want to bring the phone (1) to the entire community around the world, we are focusing on home markets, including the UK and Europe, where we have strong partnerships with local local carriers. It takes a lot to launch. Starting with the country’s cellular technology supported by career partnerships and local control, and we still need to be strategic about it as a young brand, ”the statement said.
Notting 1 is set to launch July 12. The smartphone will initially be sold through an invitation system. This is similar to strategy OnePlus Follows its initial launches. Nothing CEO Carl Pay Was the co-founder of OnePlus. Pei seems to be following OnePlus’ strategy for its new company’s devices. Like OnePlus, Nothing also runs teaser campaigns for its upcoming devices, releasing small bits of information here and there. 1 phone has nothing news from weeks now. The company is releasing some details about the phone almost every few days.
Recently, Nothing released a video about his upcoming phone. Information about the invitation system comes almost at the end of the video. Among other things published in the video about the phone is its design and manufacturing process.

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