Will Nullify Admissions: Du On St Stephen’s Violating Cuet Guidelines

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While St. Stephen’s College has said it will not close the interview process for admissions, the University of Delhi (DU) insisted the college was adamant in its decision to cancel admissions for violating CUET guidelines.

Citing the character of the minority organization, the college said it would give 85% importance to CUET scores and 15% physical interviews for candidates in all departments.

On Thursday, St. Stephen’s College principal John Varghese said in a written statement that the college would maintain its “tried and trusted” interview process at the time of admission. It further called on the university to “avoid creating unpleasant situations” for students.

He added that it was “really strange” to suddenly forget the process that the college has followed and that the university has approved for the last four decades and more.

“The decision taken by the college will continue to be its great, tried and trusted interview process and other related steps in the admission process. All candidates applying to the college must face the same admission procedure without discrimination,” Varghese said.

University and college are in dispute over the admission process, with both sides refusing to back down.

After contact from St. Stephen’s, DU Registrar Bikash Gupta insisted that the college should follow CUET’s guidelines.

Speaking to PTI, DU Registrar Bikash Gupta said, “We will tell them again that they have to follow the admission guidelines issued by Delhi University.

He questioned the need for separate arrangements for admission to CUET.

On May 9, the varsity sent a letter to the college asking for admission to the unreserved seat based solely on CUET’s score.

However, in an admissions notice posted on its website last month, the college said it would give 85 percent importance to CUET scores and 15 percent to interview students in all departments.

The college further said that it reserves the right to proceed with admissions as per its own admission policy, ensuring it as a minority institution.

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