Will you keep having milder COVID symptoms in case of reinfection? This and several other questions answered

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It can be mild, seen in most cases. However, the possibility of a serious infection cannot be ruled out.

Since the emergence of the Omicron variant, the incidence of covid re-infection has increased. The main reason for this increase in re-infection, experts say, is the lack of resistance to the new form.

Omicron is notorious for its super transmissibility and its immune avoidance ability. Due to several mutations in this form of coronavirus, the immune system is unable to detect it.

Hospitalization was low during the COVID wave led by Omicron. Although many consider this to be the mild nature of the variant, health experts say it may be due to vaccination. The body has a partial memory of the attacker and so it can protect against the severity of the viral attack.

This draws attention to the seriousness of covid re-infection. With an immune system that has lost its memory since the last infection or vaccination, the body is almost completely susceptible to the viral attack as it was the first time.




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