work from home: Work from home: Elon Musk gives ‘ultimatum’ to Tesla employees

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Elon Musk Everyone wants Tesla Employees want to return to the parent company’s office if they want to allow themselves to work remotely. The CEO gave what could be called an ‘ultimatum’ to everyone Tesla employees According to a leaked email. In the email, Musk made it clear that the minimum 40-hour-per-week work requirement is exactly what it means, and not less than an hour. He said he would look into such cases directly if there were any exceptions.
Here is an excerpt from an email via @SamNissim on Twitter, also taken by @WholeMarsBlog.
“Everyone wants to Remote work Must be in Department Minimum (and I mean minimum) for 40 hours per week or exit Tesla. It is less than we factory workers.
If there are exceptional contributors for whom this is impossible, I will review and approve those exceptions directly. Furthermore, the “office” must be a major Tesla office, not a remote branch office unrelated to job responsibilities, for example responsible for the human relations of the Fremont factory, but your office being in another state.
Elon ”
Mask replied to @WholeMarsBlog, confirming that he had sent the email.

If this is how Musk decides to deal with Tesla employees, then Twitter employees should sit down and take notice, right?




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