world telecom day: World Telecom Day: It’s time to harvest infinite possibilities

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The telecom sector is a barometer of the health of the world economy. Despite the instability and uncertainty of the post-epidemic era, the telecom industry continues to lead the way in our efforts to create the future of aspirations. Telecom technology companies are working to change a number of examples in terms of connectivity and business. On the eve World Telecom Day And just weeks away from the 5G spectrum auction, we are ready for a major socio-economic transformation in India enabled by 5G network technology.
Even when we jump into 5G, it’s hard to ignore the fact that billions around the world are still disconnected and as a result are unable to influence the policies and actions that affect their lives. The need for digital inclusion, affordable and sustainable connectivity solutions remains the same. According to the United Nations, more than 3 billion people do not use the Internet at home or on their phones.
I firmly believe that India has an important role to play in the evolution of 5G, 5G advanced and the widening of the road to 6G. We have the skills, technology, scale and variety of uses to explore every possibility of customer application. Smart computing, efficient next-gen technology and the intersection of systems will create affordable ways to bridge the digital divide. In this endeavor we have stood together with the government, regulators, service providers, enterprise customers and consumer groups. It’s time to dump her and move on.
5G technology has made an indicative improvement over previous generations and supports many more devices, meeting the growing data demand in high-density areas such as the mass transport hub and the Internet of Things devices, including ultra-low latency. Also, the maximum power of 5G is measured in gigabits, not megabits. Therefore, it is a quantum leap in multiple ways. 5G is gaining momentum worldwide and is projected to contribute up to one percent of global GDP or US $ 1.3 trillion by 2030.
According to GlobalDataThe total number of mobile 5G subscriptions will be 4.1 billion worldwide, which is equivalent to 37.1% of the total global mobile subscriptions by 2026. 5G services will generate 4 644.6 billion, equivalent to 64.0% of total mobile service revenue worldwide.
5G will be important to meet the growing connectivity demand and reduce the pressure on the crowded 4G network. This will lead to new stimuli around the use of enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) and 4k-8k video, Stimulated realityVirtual Reality,. Real Time Gaming,. Telemedicine Etc.
It is inspiring to imagine what high speed, high density connectivity can do for industry and society.
The potential benefits of 5G for the industry are game-changing As we pursue Make in India and achieve the 5 5 trillion economy, industrial-grade private wireless solutions can digitally transform and modernize manufacturing facilities by enabling remote operations, real-time tracking through drones, autonomous intelligent vehicles and telepresence robots, smart component management. And quality assurance through video analysis. Also, 5G solutions offer to create smart cities using automation and embedded intelligence and achieve sustainable goals.
We live in a world where technology makes it possible to connect anyone, anywhere and anytime. 5G will affect every sector – auto, housing, agriculture, energy, manufacturing and distribution, emergency services, mining, etc. but also academics. For example, the World Bank Embracing Metavers is supporting national colleges in the Eastern Caribbean to become pioneers in education.
In the spirit of digital inclusion, this year marks World Telecom Day Digital technology For older people and healthy aging.
The elderly and the elderly need intimate and constant monitoring and support. Our geriatric population, often living alone in small towns and villages, faces many challenges. 5G applications for healthcare can enable better and faster diagnostics, counseling and the provision of therapy and medication. Imagine using the same technology to increase livelihoods and financially empower rural India. The possibilities are endless and there has never been a better time to explore and leverage the benefits of 5G!
By Sanjay Mallick, Senior Vice President and Head, Nokia India




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