Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Microsoft reduces prices for Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions in India: All details

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The Xbox game pass And Xbox Live Gold Subscription prices in India are set to change from April 2022. Microsoft It has lowered the price of each plan to attract more people to it Gaming Subscription service.
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Included Xbox Live Gold gives access to more than 100 games on multiplayer networks and consoles, PCs and an EA Play subscription.
Here are the new prices for various subscription services:
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
The current subscription plan of Rs 699 per month will be changed to Rs 499 per month and the current plan of Rs 2,099 for three months from April 2022 will cost Rs 1,499.
The Rs 4,199 subscription plan for six months will be adjusted to Rs 2,999 whereas for 12 months – which is now Rs 8,399 – will be reduced to Rs 5,999. A 24 month or one year subscription, now priced at Rs 16,799, will cost Rs 11,999 with the new plan.
PC game pass
With the new price from April, the current Rs 489 plan will now cost PC Game Pass customers Rs 349. The three-month price of Rs 1,467 has been reduced to Rs 1,049 with a six-month subscription – priced at Rs 2,934. Right now – it will cost 2, 2,099 The 12-month membership fee has also been reduced from Rs 5,858 to Rs 4,199.
Console game pass
The console game pass, which costs Rs 489 per month, will now cost Rs 349. Similarly, a 3-month subscription will cost Rs 1,049 instead of Rs 1,467. The six-month subscription will cost Rs 2,099 instead of Rs 2,934.
Xbox Live Gold
With the new price, the Xbox Live Gold subscription will be priced at Rs 349 per month from April instead of Rs 489. Continuing the same tradition, a six-month subscription will now cost Rs 749 instead of Rs 1,049, while a 12-month subscription will cost Rs 1,999 instead of Rs 2,799.




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