xbox: Microsoft is working on a new Xbox device

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When it comes down to it Gaming Console, Microsoft Xbox One of the well-known names. However, since gaming consoles are usually expensive (even with the Series S option) and often suffer from limited stock issues, only select gaming enthusiasts are willing to buy them, which puts the device in a special category for console gamers. Now, to expand the base of gamers, Microsoft According to a report from 9To5Mac, Xbox wants to popularize the Xbox experience with a new, affordable streaming device code called ‘Keystone’.
This is not a new one Play equipment But a streaming device that can also stream games, harnessing its power Xbox Cloud Gaming. According to the report, the device will use a new “low-cost hardware” and can be connected to any TV or monitor, allowing users to stream games without the need for a gaming console.
For now, details about this device are fairly rare but according to a report from Windows Central, Microsoft has been working on this device for several years now and in a few months it may be ready for launch. More rumors about the device may be coming soon but we hope Microsoft won’t launch too late.




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