Yoga according to the signs of the zodiac: Cancer & Taurus

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Yoga according to the signs of the zodiac: Cancer

The sign of the zodiac you were born into can be beneficial in your life. It can also help you expose a lot of information about yourself, but it can also tell you which style of yoga is right for you.

In today’s article, we will focus on very empathetic, emotional, and kind people due to their signs. Let’s imagine the characteristics of the sign of Cancer.

A few words about Crayfish in general

Cancer includes people born between June 22 and July 22. The planet of this water sign is the Moon. Interpersonal relationships are very important for Cancer. He has a great need to take care of others. Although his nature is very emotional, Cancer has inherent analytical thinking. It relies on reason and logic. They like to control the situation and arrange everything that is needed.

For Rak, the priority is relationships, for which he will do almost anything. Sometimes, however, he can act in conflict with himself and suffer as a result. Its emotions greatly influence Cancer. And that’s why the most important thing for him is to learn to manage his feelings and not give in to them.

Crayfish and yoga

Crayfish must learn to work with their emotions. Their planet is the Moon, thanks to which they can learn how to be calmer and more balanced. It is very beneficial for Cancer to practice the Moon’s Greeting, which can calm Cancer beautifully.

Greetings to the Moon not only for Crayfish

The combination of these asanas beautifully stretches the body and calms the mind. It is ideal for performing Chandra Namaskar every day before bed. It has a positive effect on sleep quality. So if you have insomnia, you often wake up at night or don’t feel rested in the morning after waking up, so why not try it?

The greeting of the month allegedly also has rejuvenating effects. We should perform the individual asanas and the transitions between them calmly and smoothly, as the Moon moves in the sky. By practicing the Greeting of the Moon, you attract more softness and fluency into your life. Here it is especially true that you have to approach your body kindly and listen to it. You can read more about Greetings of the Month here.

Yoga styles suitable for Crayfish

Cancer should work primarily on its calming and emotional stability. Quieter and smoother yoga styles are more suitable for him. Breathing techniques can be of great benefit to him.

For example, Hatha yoga or resting Jin yoga may be suitable for them. Cancer is a water sign, which makes it very dynamic. If calmer yoga styles don’t appeal to you too much, you can try Power Yoga, for example.

Let us remember that each of us is original, and the characteristics of your sign can help you, but it is not a dogma.

Nadi Shodhana wind technique

This breathing exercise harmonizes the nervous system, which directly affects the moderation of our emotions. Nadi Shodhana or Alternating Breath is performed by alternating left and right nostrils.

We perform breathing exercises while sitting. We have a straight spine. We place the index finger and middle finger of the right hand on the area between the eyebrows, on the area of ​​the third eye. We plug the right nostril with our thumb and inhale the left one. Use a ring to cover the left nostril. Release the right nostril. Let’s exhale right. Inhale through the right nostril. Exhale left. We repeat this cycle as long as you enjoy it. How to take a breath, you can read here.

This breathing technique is suitable for all individuals. It harmonizes the right and left hemispheres. It helps to find the inner balance. Long-term use of this technique helps reduce nervousness. Thanks to it, we can learn to concentrate better and tune in better to the present moment.

All of the above techniques and approaches are suitable for the sign of Cancer. Simultaneously, they are ideal for people with increased sensitivity and everyone who wants to harmonize their emotional state.

Yoga according to the zodiac sign: Taurus

Did you know that zodiac signs reveal a lot of information about you? Even if you may not realize it, telling your character, you tell others what your qualities, dark sides, or lover you are. All this can be read from the sign – and much more. You can even determine which yoga is best and best for you. Let’s deal with the topic of “yoga according to the signs of the zodiac,” focusing specifically on the bulls.

Taurus as a zodiac sign

The bull is synonymous with strength. What is also typical for him is his practicality and the fact that he can follow common sense. If you were born between April 21 and May 21, then you will surely agree with us. You will also confirm to us that bulls are a persistent and decisive sign. They are also often wishing individuals who are also artistically gifted.

Although the bull may seem like a perfect sign, it also has its bad or responsive downsides. For example, this includes the fact that he refuses to take care of his health. However, regular attendance at yoga classes would be enough, and suddenly the stiffness of the neck, which the bulls most often suffer from, would pass. Yoga is also help to improve your love life or use Fildena 100 and Fildena 150 to get best love life.

Taurus and Anahata

Taurus is the second sign of the horoscope, so it is ruled by the planet Venus. In Indian astrology, Venus is assigned a chakra called the Heart, otherwise known as Anahata. A chakra named Anahata can be considered the center of our love or the heart chakra’s energy. This is where the desire to take care of others and be friendly to them comes from.

Your task as a bull is to replenish energy, thanks to which you would stick less to people and prevent bad decisions. However, it is essential to keep an imaginary balance because too much energy would lead to your moodiness, depression, and increased criticality.

Suppose you have decided to practice yoga, which is both a calming and energetic exercise. In that case, you should combine active and passive asanas, which are directly designed for your intense but moody zodiac sign.

Yoga according to the signs of the zodiac: Active and passive asanas

Active asanas for bulls:

As a bull, you need to support the energy and its flow in your body. Active asanas such as Cobra, Warrior, or Position of Respect will help. Dynamic asanas for your sign also include all positions that open the chest.

Passive asanas for bulls:

To bring balance to your body or be filled with energy, but at the same time, you feel calm inside, it is essential to combine active asanas with passive, calming ones. These include, for example, Yoga mudra or Leaning Forward. All positions that stimulate the chest are also suitable.

What is restorative yoga?

Restorative yoga means an exercise during which you hold for a few minutes in one asana. Individual positions are not physically demanding, and aids such as blankets or eye blankets are often used for individual exercises. What will help you evoke a calm feeling are an aroma, which is actively used, especially during the final rest after the workout.

What is excellent about restorative yoga is that you can practice it at home. However, it is recommended to go to an experienced teacher for the first few lessons, who will perform this type of yoga and point out possible mistakes if you make them.

When you start restorative yoga at home, don’t forget to follow your abilities – hold in each position for five / six minutes at first, then increase your imaginary “score.” Alternate the asanas with a momentary lying or sitting so that the given position ends in you.


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