You need Katrina Kaif’s like fitspo to get that hourglass figure

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MirchiMirchiUpdated: 1 hour ago

It will not be wrong to say

Katrina Kaif
One of the hottest-looking actresses

. Not only his fans but also his co-actors and actresses feel the same. Undoubtedly, getting that hourglass figure is not easy and you must know that

Chikani Chameli of Bollywood
Gives her heart and sweat to look the way she is.

From Pilates

(High-Intensity Interval Training), Kat likes to mix it up, all to stay in shape. And on her birthday, we want to share some of her fitness secrets, just for you.

Come and see.

– Plyometric Workouts-

Considered as one of the tiring ones, it is also the one that shows the most results. If you are looking to tone your body, why don’t you try this? These include burpees, tuck jumps, box jumps and many such exercises. Yes, it may be difficult for you in the beginning, but once you get into it there is no stopping.

– Take an aim for proper focus-

While everyone wants to tone the body in equal proportions at times, you need to lose weight in specific areas of your body. Start focusing on it as your priority. For example, if you want to focus on your legs, do effective leg exercises. Take a goal, meet it and move on to the next.

– for the challenge-

Growth is nothing without challenges.

Kaif believes in learning and trying new things before giving up. From boxing to stretching, he leaves no stone unturned to get better results. And might we add, the results are spectacular!


No workout is complete without muscle training and Katrina is teaching us just that. In addition to core and target training, he also prepares for muscle training. According to her Instagram post, although she loves the gym now, she finds that Pilates can also help you train your muscles. With Pilates, he tried to focus on one part of the body for better results.

It’s time to get inspired and start following Katrina’s footsteps as she gives us major fitness goals



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