You will soon be able to write long notes on Twitter

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New Delhi: Twitter Users will soon be able to write more on the platform. The popular social networking platform is testing a new long-form blogging feature. Twitter has confirmed that it is testing a feature Twitter notes Which will enable users to type more than 280 characters.
The company is currently testing the feature with selected users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Ghana. The platform further mentions that users in most countries can read notes on Twitter and beyond.
Twitter has shared a small GIFO of the upcoming feature to explain how the feature will work.

To use the feature, users need to click the ‘Write’ tab to start writing a note. Once written, the note can be embedded in their tweets.
Twitter also revealed that many authors have already published notes on the platform. Posted notes appear as long-form posts containing tweets, videos, and photos.
Meanwhile, Twitter is ready to revive its developer conference after seven years. Twitter has announced the return of its developer conference, Twitter Chirp. The company also announced a Developer Challenge with the goal of “inspiring and rewarding innovation”. The microblogging social media platform will personally host the event on November 16, 2022 in San Francisco. Moreover, for those who are physically unable to attend the event, Twitter has decided to livestream keynote speeches.



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