YouTube Health gets two new features in India: How they work

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It may be easier to search for trusted health-related topics on YouTube. Google Adding new features to help improve the ‘quality’ of search for health-related topics YouTube Health. YouTube Health Getting two new features – Health Source Information Panel and Health Content Shelves 6 The new features aim to help users access videos from verified health sources on the platform. Features will be available in both English and Hindi.
How YouTube Health’s New Features Work
The Health Sources Information Panel will provide context to help viewers identify videos from authentic sources. These health labels will be displayed under videos from recognized health organizations and government agencies, so that viewers can better evaluate the source of the information and distinguish trusted health content on YouTube.
When viewers search for specific health issues, health content shelves will more effectively highlight videos from the source of authority. For example, when users search for specific health conditions such as heart disease, breast cancer, a new content shelf in the search will show videos related to relevant health topics from recognized health organizations and government agencies. These shelves are designed to visually separate and highlight authentic videos from the search.
Speaking about the new feature, Dr. Garth Graham, YouTube’s director of healthcare and public health and head of global health, said: YouTube has the power to transform how healthcare providers inform, educate and inspire people to live healthier lives. That’s why we’re investing in enhancing the role of our platform as an effective, engaging, and trusted tool for public health communication through policy, partnership and product development. We are committed to providing equitable access to evidence-based, culturally relevant and compelling high-quality health information. ”
Over the past year, YouTube Health has partnered with leading health organizations such as Apollo Hospitals and Max Healthcare, as well as physicians and manufacturers, and continues to increase access to high-quality health content on the platform.
In 2020, YouTube Health also launched the Health Panel for Depression and Anxiety to provide users with helpful, easily understandable information from authentic sources, so they can make more informed decisions about the content they see and care about or seek support for.




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